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        胎位用英语怎么说 胎位的英语翻译

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        导读: 胎位在英语中的翻译是"  fetal position",胎位用英语怎么说 胎位的英语翻译,还经常被译作  fetal lie,在《郎文当代高级英语辞典》中,共找到62个与胎位相关的释义和例句。

        胎位用英语怎么说 胎位的英语翻译

        胎位在英语中的翻译是"  fetal position",还经常被译作  fetal lie,在《郎文当代高级英语辞典》中,共找到62个与胎位相关的释义和例句。


        1.   fetal position

        胎位翻译为   fetal position 。

        Fetal lie is another important part of a baby's presentation.


        2.   fetal lie

        胎位翻译为   fetal lie 。

        The symptom comparison relaxes the polyhydramnios the pregnant woman, Chang Jingfa pregnants inspires hypertension disease and the position of the fetus is unusual.


        3.   placental position

        胎位翻译为   placental position 。

        In the baby still in changing in thirty-seven weeks after the posture, is the position of the fetus not fixed.


        4.   Position of fetus

        胎位翻译为   Position of fetus 。

        示例:Fetus, Fetus, Sundae-Sundae Fetus!
        胎儿,胎儿, 圣代,圣代胎儿!



        1. normal presentation(正常胎位)

        2. position of fetus([医] 胎位)

        3. fourth position([医] 第四胎位, 左枕后胎位)

        4. first position([医] 第一胎位, 左枕前胎位)

        5. second position([医] 第二胎位, 右枕前胎位)


        abnormal presentation disposition ( 胎位异常 )

        Malpresen-tation ( 胎位不正 )

        malpresentation ( 胎位不正性难产 妇产 )

        external version ( 外转胎位术 妇产 )

        combined version ( 联合转胎位术 妇产 )

        baby in correct position ( 胎位正常 )

        internal version ( 内转胎位术 妇产 )


        1. i'm turning the baby so i can take the pressure off the cord. Okay?


        2. i repeat. We located the tire inside a house.

        译文:我重复 我们确定了轮胎位置 是在一间屋内。

        3. i remember before i was born wadded up like a fur ball in the highly overrated foetal position.

        译文:我记得在我出生前... I remember before I was born... ...在高胎位像个毛球一样蜷缩着 ...wadded up like a fur ball in the highly overrated foetal position.。

        4. This woman is six centimetres dilated.

        译文:好 她撑开了六公分,胎位不正。

        5. it could just mean the baby's out of position.


        6. Looks like the baby's breech. We're going to have to do a C-section.


        7. Well, then it's an ectopic.


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