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        但是非常难用英语怎么说 但是非常难英语翻译

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        • 2022-08-24 03:44:03
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        导读: 但是非常难的英语是"waed",但是非常难用英语怎么说 但是非常难英语翻译,还网络中常译为"right and wrong",在《郎文当代高级英语辞典》中,共找到64个与但是非常难相关的翻译和例句。

        但是非常难用英语怎么说 但是非常难英语翻译

        但是非常难的英语是"waed",还网络中常译为"right and wrong",在《郎文当代高级英语辞典》中,共找到64个与但是非常难相关的翻译和例句。


        1. waed

        2. right and wrong

        但是非常难翻译为right and wrong。

        示例:And what was right seems wrong And what was wrong seems right!
        对错颠倒 是非迷离 And what was right seems wrong And what was wrong seems right!


        3. Jerem.

        4. spread rumours

        但是非常难翻译为spread rumours。

        示例:So, why would the British spread these rumours?



        1. but(但是 )

        2. right and wrong(是非)

        3. Jerem.( 但是)

        4. waed(但是华德)

        5. spread rumours(捏造是非)


        1. The great conservative insight is that order is really hard to achieve.

        译文:保守派的心理是 秩序是非常难达成的 。

        2. it's still good, but it's definitely a big difference.

        译文:还是非常美妙 但是感觉还是非常大的不同。

        3. it's not so very hard. Ask me.

        译文:不是非常难 问我。

        4. You know, we're okay for now.


        5. And for good reason because work is so hard to draw.

        译文:而且有充分的理由 因为工作是非常难画的。

        6. But it's a necessary thing to do.

        译文:但是也是非常必须的事情。 。

        7. Very short, but very powerful.

        译文:非常短 但是非常有力 。

        8. But it's a necessary thing to do.


        9. i miss him so much, though


        10. it's very hard to see it, though, from far away.


        11. Can be accepted to a college if there's potential.


        12. Quite unusual but very important


        13. But lamb is the meat to eat.


        14. A little lonely, maybe, but terribly sweet.

        译文:你有些寂寞, 但是非常和善.。

        15. So, these are very tough technologies.

        译文:所以,这些是非常难的科技。 。

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