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        导读: 51个,关于”国庆的句子“的英语句子51个,句子主体:National Day sentence。以下是关于国庆的句子的专八英语句子。


        关于”国庆的句子“的英语句子51个,句子主体:National Day sentence。以下是关于国庆的句子的专八英语句子。

        英文句子模板1:National Day sentence

        1、National Day, we Qi joy, a total of 56 national jubilation, I wish our motherland is thriving! ◇庆国庆,大家齐欢乐,五十六个民族共欢腾,祝的祖国欣欣向荣!

        2、The National Day is coming [drawing near]. 国庆即将来临。

        3、Recaptured, he did it again—on Bastille Day. 被重新俘获后,他故伎重演——那天恰好是巴士底日(法国国庆日)。

        4、On midautumn festival, we eat moon cakes.There is full of the moon and people have a reunion. 欢度国dao庆,举国同庆!

        5、Several new plays will be performed on National Day. 国庆日将上演几个新戏。

        6、Wang was convicted of revealing military secrets to Japan by a court martial in 2007 and received a suspended death sentence, according to Japanese media. xx年,据日媒体报道,王庆前因泄漏军事机密而被军事法庭定罪,并被判死刑。

        7、China's holiday economy began with the first seven-day National holiday in 1999. 中国的假日经济始于 1999 年的第一个为期七天的国庆假期。

        8、Smiles all round in the Juve camp as Frenchmen Didier Deschamps and David Trezeguet celebrate their birthdays today. 今天,是皆为法国人的德尚和特雷泽盖共同的生日,尤文上下洋溢着喜庆的气氛,为他们两位庆祝生日的到来。

        9、National Day falls on a Sunday this year. xx月xx日被宣布为他们的国庆。

        10、The problem was made worse this year because the Mid-Autumn Festival fell on Sept. 22, within a week of the longer National Day sojourn. 这个问题在今年显得尤为突出,因为今年的中秋节刚好在国庆节附近(xx月xx日),距离国庆长假只有一周的时间。

        11、All the parks have been spruced up for Nationals Day. 巴士底日(xx月xx日,法国国庆日,xx年于该日攻破巴士底狱)

        12、Japanese rice cakes and Chinese dumplings celebrate New Year shall be deemed the best snack food. 日本的年糕和中国的饺子应视为庆祝新年最好的点心食品。

        13、The National Day every ten every five, some will expand to celebrate. 逢五逢十的国庆,有的还要扩大庆祝。

        14、I wish hasl Singaporeans a Happlicationy Ninehas Day. 让我们祝贺全体新加坡人:国庆日欢畅!

        15、   In this way, we express thanks to our parents in return for their love。 生日 中国的学生用不同的方式来庆祝他们的生日。

        16、That aspiration dominated China's domestic presentation of the celebrations yesterday. 这一抱负主导了中国国内对昨日庆祝活动的报道。

        17、The British Consulate-General Chongqing kicked off its 10th anniversary celebrations with a birthday party at Chongqing Science and Technology Center on Feb. 26, 2010. xx月xx日,英国驻重庆总领事馆成立10周年庆招待会在重庆科技馆隆重举行。

        18、The 60th anniversary of National Day military parade, which is in the new century's first large-scale military parade on National Day events. 国庆60周年阅兵,这是中国在新世纪的第一次大型国庆阅兵活动。

        19、When do we celebrate Independence Day? 我们在哪一天庆祝国庆?。

        20、During the 1600’s, England celebrated a day called“Mothering Sunday”. 在十七世纪,英国开始庆祝拜望双亲日。

        21、It has become not only a culinary event, but a social event as well, where people get together to celebrate national holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. 烧烤不仅是一种烹饪方式,而且成为了一种社交方式。人们聚在一起烧烤,庆祝国庆节、生日和其他的一些特殊的日子。

        22、In 2006, I accompanied my father to Chingqing to see our relatives. I saw many skyscrapers. xx年国庆,陪父亲到重庆探亲访友,见重庆高楼林立,好现代化哟!

        23、All the streets were decorated with flags to celebrate National Day. 所有的街道都挂上旗帜庆祝国庆。

        24、Back-to-Front Day has been celebrated today throughout the country. 今天举国上下欢庆颠倒日。

        25、On midautumn festival, we eat moon cakes.There is full of the moon and people have a reunion. 欢度国庆,举国同庆!


        26、The man who led the interrogation, Colonel Ko Chung-ching, was convicted in 1999 for torturing soldiers during investigations. 当年负责审问的前空军上校柯仲庆曾经在xx年因为刑求士兵而被判刑。

        27、The anniversary of the signing, February 6, is celebrated as New Zealand National Day, Waitangi Day, and is a national holiday. xx月xx日是条约签定的纪念日,这一天也就是新西兰的国庆日,是全国性的节日。

        28、Paris remembered Bastille Day Tuesday with a traditional military parade on the Champs Elysees. 星期二,法国巴黎在香榭丽舍大街上演传统阅兵式纪念法国国庆日。

        29、Students find rebeccalu guo-qing wang, said she worked as an intern in television, guo-qing wang, please go to lectures on TV, be guo-qing wang refused. 学生宁馨找汪国庆,说自己在电视台实习,请汪国庆去电视上讲课,被汪国庆拒绝。

        30、Mr. Quek sees good growth opportunities in the cake market in China, noting that Chinese consumers are increasingly buying them for special occasions like a birthday or other celebrations. 奎克先生认为中国蛋糕市场的商机正不断增加。 他注意到中国消费者在特殊的日子,如遇到自己的生日或其他节庆,买个蛋糕来庆祝越来越普遍。

        31、All people in China will celebrate my birthday. i'll be too proud! 全中国的人同庆我的生日,我将骄傲至极!

        32、At this time of national celebration, we recollect and reflect. 国庆之日是追忆与反思之日。

        33、The Chungking negotiations, the old Political Consultative Conference held in Chungking and the Nanking negotiations were all debates. 重庆的谈判,重庆的旧政协,南京的谈判,都是辩论。

        34、We shall dress the hall up for the National Day. 《21世纪大英汉词典》 今天是十dao月xx日,国庆节。

        35、Celebration of 57th National Day of China 2006. 中国57th周年国庆2006。 中国浙江艺团…

        36、Oneof the things I have come to enjoy is the flag-waving leading up toAustralia Day. 其中一件令我享受的事情,就是澳大利亚国庆日的国旗飘扬。

        37、Guo Guoqing look similar to the takeoff of the people to forge ahead! ◇国庆国庆相亲相近,祖国腾飞人民奋进!

        38、From 1994 all states and territories agreed to celebrate Australia Day on the actual day. xx年开始,所有洲与领地一致同意在每年的这一天庆祝澳洲国庆日。

        39、Romanian soldiers are seen on a cold morning while waiting on a bus for the start of ceremonies marking Romania's national day in Bucharest, Romania, Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010. AP / Vadim Ghirda xx月xx日,罗马尼亚国庆日的寒冷清晨,首都布加勒斯特里士兵在公交上等待国庆典礼的开始。

        40、Chinese ritualize and celebrate each day in a customary manner. 中国人把节日仪式化了,以通常方式庆祝每一天。

        41、In this national celebration of the day, we sing up: "I wish you a happy birthday!" 在这个举国同庆的日子里,我们齐唱起来:“祝您生日快乐!

        42、Monday is the national holiday that celebrates the life of the civil rights leader. 星期一是国定假日,庆祝生命的民权领袖。

        43、My dear Chinese readers, if you saw a sign that said 'Let's celebrate our National Day!' on August 1, what would you think? 我亲爱的中国读者,如果你在xx月xx日见到“庆祝国庆”的标语会做何感想?

        44、Singapore National Day Parade NDP 08: Bishan-Toa Payoh grassroots leaders celebrate The SinkApoor Spirit with great gusto! 新加坡国庆日08:碧山-大巴窑基层领袖敲锣打鼓热烈庆祝辛假破精神!

        45、Singing and dancing, people celebrated National Day. 人们载歌载舞庆祝国庆。

        46、National Day, e Qi joy, a total of 56 national jubilation, I ish our motherland is thriving! ◇庆国庆,大家齐欢乐,五十六个民族共欢腾,祝我们的祖国欣欣向荣!

        47、Residents celebrate the day on an electric bicycle in Beijing. 北京居民骑着电动车庆祝国庆。

        48、For her dual citizenship, the court found Stella Lee guilty of fraud and not corruption. 立委李庆安双重国籍案,法院以诈欺罪判xx年。

        49、Bookworms salute International Literacy Day, designed to increase their number. “书虫”庆祝国际读书日,计划壮大他们的队伍。

        50、All the parks have been spruced up for Nationals Day. 为庆祝国庆,所 有的公园都己装饰一新。


        51、To spread the hilarity of the National Day to local residents and take forward celebrations in a united and concordant manner. 让区内街坊感受国庆大日子的热闹气氛,在团结和谐的气氛下一起庆祝。

        52、The queen's birthday is celebrated twice a year, privately on April 21, her actual birthday, and again with an official national celebration in June, when the weather is better. 女王每年庆生两次,xx月xx日会举行私人宴会庆祝真正的生日,然后待xx月天气好转时,再正式举行全国庆典。

        53、However, the number dropped sharply this century, with 29782 children under 10 years old currently named "Guoqing". 自本世纪以来,名叫“国庆”的人数显着下滑,目前,不满xx岁的孩子中有29782人名叫“国庆”。

        54、Today we celebrate our day of independence.It's a National holiday. 为庆祝国庆,所有的公园都己装饰一新。

        55、All the parks have been spruced up for National Day. 为庆祝国庆,所有的公园都已装饰一新。

        56、The Forth of July is the National Independence Day of the USA. xx月xx日被宣布为他们的国庆。

        57、Japan is the birthday of Hirohito of Japan for the National Day. 日本的生日,日本裕仁天皇的国庆。 。

        58、Canadian Air Force demonstration team, Snowbirds, fly past the Peace Tower during the celebration in Ottawa July 1, 2010. 在渥太华举行的国庆日庆祝活动上,加拿大空军“雪鸟”飞行表演队飞过和平塔。

        59、Meets five meets for ten National Days, some also must expand the celebration scale. 逢五逢十的国庆日,有的还要扩大规模的庆祝活动。

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