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        • 2022-07-11 09:38:33
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        导读: 22个,关于”快速背句子的方法“的英语句子22个,句子主体:。以下是关于快速背句子的方法的中考英语句子。




        1、This method is a new one for determining camptothecin content and features rapidity and accuracy. 本方法是测喜树碱含量的新方法,具有快速、准确的特点。

        2、This dissertation proposed a new deterministic algorithm. 提出一种快速反查表方法。

        3、The testing method of soybean seed vigor by electrical conductivity test was appropriate because of its convenience, fastness and accuracy. 电导法测定简便、快速、准确,可作为大豆种子活力测定的适宜方法。

        4、Determination of selenium content in rapeseed by fluorometric method was studied. 建立了分子荧光法测定富硒油菜籽中硒含量的快速测定方法。

        5、The computational complexity of MLFIPWA is the same as the multilevel fast multipole algorithm, so it can be used to solve large-scale problems. 多层快速非均匀平面波算法的计算复杂度等同于多层快速多极子方法,因此可用于电大尺寸问题的求解。

        6、With this method it is easy to distinguish microsporidian spores from virus, bacteria and fungus spores. 该法是一种快速有效鉴别微孢子虫的方法。

        7、For the aperture auto-adjusting, background auto compensation approach is proposed in this thesis to remove the effect by auto-compensating the background image. 针对人体阴影区域,本文提出了基于背景映射关系的快速分割方法,利用两个视图背景图像之间的映射关系快速去除人体阴影区域。

        8、This quick-change artist is for you. 这款能快速变换的背包正是你所需要的。

        9、It was necessary that a rapid exact sequencing method of mtDNA hv1for forensic samples. 结果表明该方法是可替代原法的快速测序法。

        10、Compared with the traditional method, this method can enhance non-uniformly illuminated image clearly with faster speed and less background noise. 实验表明,该方法与传统方法比较,具有速度快,所得图像区分度高、背景噪声小的特点。

        11、In the meantime, the mutation operator is brought in the gradient direction to accelerate the algorithm convergence speed. 而变异算子按照梯度方向变异,以加快算法的收敛速度。

        12、The model has been proved as one kind of fleetness, reliable appraise method by example. 经验证,该方法为一种快速、可靠的方法。

        13、The result showed th at it was superior to the normal method. 方法快速、结果准确,优于常规费休氏法。

        14、The method for preparing the copper ion antigen and the copper ion antigen obtained by the method have wide prospect in rapid immunization detection application of the copper ions. 本发明的制备铜离子抗原的方法及由该方法获得的铜离子抗原在铜离子的快速免疫检测应用中将有广阔的前景。

        15、This method is of high accuracy and speed. 这一方法具有精度高、速度快等特点。

        16、CONCLUSION:The method is convenient, fast, reproducible, which can be used for the content determination of gallic acid in viviparous bistort rhizome. 论:本方法简便、快速、准确、重现性好,可用于蝎子七中没食子酸的含量测定。

        17、To detect pesticide residues in vegetables rapidly, two rapid detection methods, rapid detection card method and enzyme inhibition rate method were established. 为快速检测蔬菜上的农药残留,建立了两种快速检测方法:速测卡法和酶抑制率法。

        18、Objective: To develop a HPLC method for assaying structurally similar peptides synthesized by combinatorial chemistry. 目的:为组合化学合成结构相似小分子多肽提供快速准确的HPLC分析方法。

        19、Rapid method of face-lift, ah who knows? 快速瘦脸的方法谁知道的啊?

        20、OBJECTIVE:To develop a rapid examination for propafenone poisoning. 目的:建立普罗帕酮中毒快速检验方法。

        21、By means of the split-step Fourier method, the propagation of solitons in a photonic crystal fiber ( PCF ) is numerically simulated. 利用快速分步傅里叶方法数值计算了孤子在光子晶体光纤中的传输。

        22、Digital Particle Image Velocimetry (DPIV) is a technology for fast, full field velocity measurement. 粒子图像测速是一种快速全流场测量方法。

        23、Using an efficient index method, people can get a fast matching, and have solved the subsequence matching of multi -subsequence. 该算法利用高效的索引方法,达到快速的匹配,解决了多序列的子序列匹配问题。

        24、The novel electronic-nose was proved to be more accurate, more convenient and rapid than the traditional methods. 该电子鼻在检测霉变谷物方面比传统检测方法更快速、更客观、更方便。

        25、Modern artificial gynogenetic technology provides a rapid and economic way to establish pure line or highly pure inbreeding line of grass carp. 人工雌核发育技术可加快草鱼纯化过程,是快速经济地建立遗传背景一致纯系的有效方法。


        26、Following, based on the above research foundation and aimed at resolving the scattering by the complex target with high efficient solution, extensive study of the FMM and MLFMA has been carried out. 最后,在上述研究基础上,针对高效求解复杂目标电磁散射的问题研究了复杂度分别为和的快速多极子方法以及多层快速多极子方法。

        27、A new idea is put up to design a quick single-photon detector. 本文提出了一种构建快速单光子探测器的新方法。

        28、Numerical results show that the FMM FFT method is specially suit to solve scattering from 3 D object with large aspect ratio. 数值结果表明:这种快速多极子法-快速傅立叶变换方法( FMM- FFT)特别适合于三维大纵横比目标的散射求解。

        29、Obviously, he has the cachet to resolve issues quickly. 显然,他有标记好快速解决问题的方法。

        30、Conclusion: This method was foun… 结论:方法简便、快速、准确。

        31、The method was fast and convinent. 本法快速、方便。

        32、Combined with a stable regularizing filter, a new fast regularizing inversion is put forward further. 与改进的正则化稳定因子相结合,提出新的快速正则化反演方法。

        33、The proposed method is also suitable for rapid determination of chlorogenic acid in complex matrices. 本方法选择性高、灵敏、快速,也适用于其它复杂体系中绿原酸含量的快速测定。

        34、Hardness The hardness of quick-heating methods groups and slow-heating method groups show no significance statistical difference. ③硬度快速包埋方法和慢速包埋方法对铸造冠的硬度影响无差别。

        35、The hybrid data structure can be used in MLFMA and Ray-tracing method. 这一方法可用于加快多层快速多极子(MLFMA)算法和射线跟踪法的计算速度。

        36、So an iterative algorithm-successive over-relaxation (SOR) is recommended and determination of the relax factor is also discussed. 建议使用超松弛法(SOR)来加快迭代速度,并给出了松弛因子的选取方法。

        37、So this method is better than the ordinary freeze—melt method. 初步认为本改良法是一优于传统冻融法的快速简便方法。

        38、It can be a method for quality control of Jinling Oral Liquor. 结论:方法简便,快速准 确,可作为静灵口服液的质量控制方法。

        39、Is there any way you can quickly stovepipe? 有什么方法可以快速瘦腿?

        40、A new method for rapid determination of thallium in minerals and metallurgical products with flame atomic absorption spectrometry is presented. 提出了用火焰原子吸收光谱法快速测定矿物及冶金物料中铊量的新方法;

        41、The results shows:the electron microprobe is a rapid and accurate method of discriminating the spot distortionFlaw. 研究表明:电子探针法是鉴别光畸变点缺陷的一种快速而准确的方法。

        42、If you need speed, there may be only one or two ways to achieve the fastest results, whereas there are many slower alternatives. 如果您需要很快的速度,不管有多少种慢速的方法,但是可能只有一两种方法可以达到最快的结果。

        43、So I haven't done magic, I've given you a really fast way to solve a knapsack problem, but it's still exponential deep down in its heart, in something. 所以我并没有施魔法,我已经告诉了你,一种快速解决背包问题的方法了,但是某些方面它的核心仍然是指数增长的。

        44、Method: Microwave rapid radiation method. 方法:微波快速加热法。

        45、A method for determination of trace cadmium in metallic cobalt and sea water by fast GFAAS is proposed. 本文提出石墨炉原子吸收快速分析法测定金属钴和海水中镉的方法。

        46、Rapid determination methods for BOD are reviewed, high temperature method, corelation coefficient method and biosensor method included. 综述BOD快速测定方法,快速测定方法包括高温法、相关系数法和生物传感器法。

        47、Conclusion Electrodes method is a accurate and rapid method for clinical measurement. 结论酶电极法是一种准确、快速的检测方法,适合临床快速检验;

        48、The method getElementById() could be used to find elements quickly. 可以使用 getElementById() 方法快速找到元素。

        49、Then I find some quick note card method. 于是我就找了一些快速记牌的方法。

        50、Objective To explore a rapid, accurate and reliable procedure for molecular typing of Brucella. 目的探索一种布鲁菌分型的快速、准确、可靠的分子生物学方法。


        51、Fait marching method (FMM) is a fast, accurate and stable traveltime computation method. This method is flexible, fast, and unconditionally stable for arbitrarily large gradient jump in velocity. 波前快速推进法(FMM)是一种快速、准确而稳定的走时计算方法,它不仅计算速度快、灵活性好,而且对任何复杂速度场都具有无条件稳定的特点。

        52、And the ejection into ambient gas of one thousandth atmosphere or so is special, the 'snowplow' phenomenon is observed and the plume plasma splits into fast_ and slow_moving parts. 当背景气压在千分之一大气压左右时,等离子体在背景气体中形成“雪犁”状,羽状等离子体出现快速和慢速传播分离现象。

        53、Factorial methods are cost-effective, quick and easy-to-implement methodologies for service life estimation of buildings and their parts. 对于建筑物及其构件使用期限的估算来说,因子方法是快速的、容易实现的成本效益方法。

        54、An emulsion liquid membrane process is developed to treat anilines dyeing wastewater. 方法快速、准确,是测定废水中苯胺类化合物的有效方法。

        55、There are many ways to accelerate germination of branches. 能使枝条快速催芽的方法有很多。

        56、It uses the fast multipole method (FMM) to accelerate the solution of the integral equations. 它使用快速多极方法(FMM)加速积分方程的解决方案。

        57、A new measure method of cadmium bismuth copper lead and iron in refined antimony by atomic absorption spectrophotometer was present. 提出了原子吸收分光光度法快速测定精锑中微量镉铋铜铅铁的新方法。

        58、It quickly turned away quickly, it ' place, to the lower right corner of the net run. 它快速地转着身子,快速离开它蹲踞的地方,往网子的右下角跑。

        59、With the progress of R&D on FMM and MLFMA, the frequency-domain method is able to be further developed. It can now be applied in the calculation of electrically large targets. 随着快速多极子方法(FMM)和多层快速多极子方法(MLFMA)研究和应用,频域方法得到进一步的发展,目前已经可以应用计算电大尺寸目标的宽带电磁响应。

        60、Practice shows it fast, veracious and effective. 实践证明该处理方法快速、准确、有效。

        61、Quick bow means quickly separating bow, which is the major bow performing technique. 快弓即快速地分弓,是二胡演奏的主要运弓方法之一。

        62、A novel contact cooling method suitable for the vitrified cryopreservation of skin is proposed and comparison is made with the cooling method using liquid nitrogen. 提出一种适用于皮肤低温保存的快速冷却方法,并与目前使用的快速冷却方法进行了比较。

        63、Thus unique formula offers quick and easy, no-rub application for kids on the go. 因此,独特的配方能够快速,方便,为孩子们在旅途中方便快捷的应用。

        64、The method is not only obviously quicker than that of quick sort, but also much quicker than the bucket sorting method, even in the case of non-uniformly distributed data. 该排序方法不仅在速度上明显快于快速排序法,而且在非均匀分布数据的情况下也明显快于桶排序法。

        65、Compared to other methods, this method can make it efficient to learn and adapt new backgrounds rapidly, and achieve the requirment of real time moving target tracking under dynamic background. 与其他方法比较,该方法能够有效地对新背景进行快速的学习和适应,达到动态背景下运动目标实时跟踪的要求。

        66、In the iterative process of IPO, the fast multipole method (FMM) is employed to accelerate computation. 详细推导了快速多极子方法结合迭代物理光学法和阻抗边界条件的混合计算公式。

        67、Firstly, achieve the moving region quickly using the self-adaptive background updating method. 首先,采用自适应背景更新的方法在图像中快速检浸测出移动区域;

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