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        导读: 49个,关于”正能量句子励志句子“的英语句子49个,句子主体:Positive energy sentence inspirational sentence。以下是关于正能量句子励志句子的专业英语句子。


        关于”正能量句子励志句子“的英语句子49个,句子主体:Positive energy sentence inspirational sentence。以下是关于正能量句子励志句子的专业英语句子。

        英文句子模板1:Positive energy sentence inspirational sentence

        1、1b). The single atom effectively acts as a quantum optical transistor, coherently controlling the transmission of light through the cavity. 该原子的表现正如一个量子光学晶体管,能持续控制流入光腔的光。

        2、Generalized quantum non-cloning theorem claims that two different states can be cloned only if they are orthogonal . But when two particles form entangled state the same condition will not hold. 广义量子不可克隆定理使得两个量子态仅当它们正交时才能被同一物理过程克隆。但当两个粒子形成纠缠态时,对其中某个粒子态克隆时正交性条件并不存在。

        3、Today's question is: Which one of the following sentences is correct? 今天的题目是:下面哪句话是正确的呢?

        4、There is no relationship between seed production and progeny performance. Therefore, proper selection of superior clones should combine seed production and progeny performance. 结实量与子代生长不相关,种子园无性系再选择的正确途径是“结实能力-子代生长”联合选择。

        5、What makes one substance differ from another is the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus and the arrangement of electrons revolving around it. This has an exquisite order. 一样物量之所以没有开于别的一样物量是因为正在本子核中没有开的量子战中子的数目,战围绕正在周围的电子的罗列,那个中存正在着一种细准的序次。

        6、One signature of positron-electron annihilation is gamma rays carrying 511 thousand electron-volts (keV) of energy. 电子-正电子湮灭的一个信号就是携带511keV能量的伽玛射线。

        7、As with bulk loads from a file, therefore, it is better to issue a COMMIT statement periodically, so the logical log files can be flushed. 因此,在从文件进行批量装载时,最好是定期发出 COMMIT 语句,这样就可以刷新逻辑日志文件。

        8、I also recommend you sign up for his free Humor Power Tips Ezine. 我也推荐你订阅他的免费《幽默能量技巧电子杂志》。

        9、This function creates the semaphore and returns the handle to the semaphore. 这个函数创建信号量,并返回这个信号量的句柄。

        10、Either of the following two example sentences is correct. 下面的两个例句中的每一个,都是正确的。

        11、Some experts said the lefty comrades as to the normal, when we as a community of people who can truly understanding and tolerance of people this time, not so Comrade terrible! 有专家说同志就向左撇子一样的正常,当我们这个社会的人能真正的理解和宽容这部分人的时候,同志就没有这么可怕了!

        12、(An electron-volt is the energy with which a one-volt battery can accelerate an electron.) (一个电子伏的能量是一伏电池对电子加速所产生的能量。)

        13、This new iconic bag is a true ode to the uncompromised quality and luxury for which Gucci is renowned. 这个新的袋子是古琦的着名标志性产物,是一个真正的不像低质量和奢侈品让步的产物。

        14、The AEBB-2000 accelerator is a unique facility for carrying out experiments with anti-parallel electron-positron beams of high energies. AEBB-2000加速器是一部特殊的设备,它能实现高能量的反平行电子-正电子束试验。

        15、That is going to equal the energy of the electrons in H2 minus the energies of the electrons in H. 这等于H2分子的能量2,减去H原子中电子的能量。

        16、It was shown that the quantized phonon energy, the nano-particles' crystal lattice specific heat and superconductivity transition temperature all related to the phonon'… 结果表明,声子的量子化能量、纳米颗粒的晶格点阵热容和纳米颗粒的超导转变温度均与声子的量子尺寸、状态量子数及时间量子数有关。

        17、In a J2SE environment, if the statement cache is too small or the batch size too large, you may receive SQL exceptions resulting from inconsistencies in the statement cache. 在一个 J2SE 环境中,如果语句缓存太小或批量太大,您可能会因语句缓存中的不一致性而收到 SQL 异常。

        18、Fermions are inherently the individualists and loners of the quantum particle world: no two fermions ever occupy the same quantum state. 费米子天生就是量子粒子世界的独行侠:不可能有两个费米子处在同一个量子态。

        19、Well, part of that is true, part of that is a crock. 这句话部分正确,部分是不准确的。

        20、The conclusions are:1) The ion flux is determined by the power delivered into electrons and the effective collisional energy loss of electrons for creating a pair of electron-ion. 结论如下:1)离子通量由电子吸收的能量与产生单个电子-离子对的等效电子碰撞能量损失决定。

        21、Try to end declarative sentences on a low tone without, however, trailing off in volume; 尽量用降调结束陈述句,但不要减弱音量;

        22、The quantal features can be obtained by the canonical procedure of quantization. 量子特征可用正则量子化方式得到。

        23、Viagra expresses strength and power through its resemblance to other words and its innate sound symbolism. 万艾可表示力量和能力相似,换句话说,其内在的声音的象征。

        24、For many-electron atom, the orbital energies depend on both nand l. 多电子原子中,原子轨道的能级取决于主量子数n和角量子数l。

        25、A subatomic particle with the same mass as the electron but positive charge (it is the antiparticle of the electron). 与电子的质量相等但带正电荷的亚原子粒子(是电子的反粒子)。


        26、On the basis of the principle, the OET (orbital-energy topological index) was proposed by revising the valence electron distance matrix with the orbital energy. 根据该原理,利用价电子轨道能量对价电子距离矩阵进行修正。

        27、The quantum of electromagnetic energy, generally regarded as a discrete particle having zero mass, no electric charge, and an indefinitely long lifetime. 光子,光量子电磁能的量子,一般认为是有零质量、无电荷和不定长寿命的离散性粒子。

        28、For low-energy particle transmission, its (static) mass is independent of its incident energy. 低能粒子(沟道)传输时,粒子(静止)质量与入射能量无关。

        29、So this means that we have two of the electrons are lowered in energy, but two are raised in energy. 这意味着两个电子能量降低,两个电子能量升高。

        30、In the thermal medium, the stimulated thermal gluon emission reduces while absorption increases the parton's energy. The net contribution result in a reduction of the parton energy loss. 在热介质中,受激的热胶子发射降低部分子的能量,而热吸收增加部分子的能量,其净贡献导致部分子能量损失的减少。

        31、A separate select statement will be needed to properly calculate each set of measures that share the same number and dimensional order of aggregations. 对于每一组具有相同数量和维次序的聚合的度量,需要用单独的选择语句来正确地计算。

        32、Firstly we investigate separability of mixed states via positive operator. 首先我们利用正算子研究量子系统中混合态的可分性。

        33、Which statement about project deliverables is correct? 关于项目可交付成果,下列哪句是正确的?

        34、Great minds think alike, that's just what I'm going to say. 例句英雄所见略同,这正是我所要说的。

        35、At some point, he adds, "the internal wiring of the brain may allow competence even if the brain seems small." 他补充道,脑量到达某个水准之后,「即使脑子还很小,脑子的内部线路也可能使脑子发挥正常功能。」

        36、And it turns out the second solution, with negative energy, was when the theory is telling you, hey, there are particles and there are anti-particles, and the negative energy when properly interpreted will describe anti-particles. 结果,后来证明,第二个根,也就是能量为负的那个根,正是理论的关键,世界上既有粒子,也有反粒子,负能量就是用来解释反粒子的

        37、Quantum is a particulate with discontinuous kinematic energy wave. It has two major characteristics, namely, "characteristic of particulate" and "characteristic of high-frequency energy wave". 量子是一种有非连续运动能量波的微粒子。具有两大特性,即“微粒子特性”和“高频能量波特性”。

        38、It means that our measurement of the antiproton's mass relative to the electron is now almost as accurate as that of the proton. 这意味着,现在我们对反质子对电子的质量测量精度几乎与测量正质子一样。

        39、In all, they might consume about twice as many calories as a normal-weight monkey. 总之,它们可能摄入了两倍于正常体重猴子的热量。

        40、Some antiproton annihilations produce a shower of positrons, which in turn produce 511-keV gamma rays, two of which may be detected. 有些反质子的消灭会放出大量正子,进而产生能量为511keV的γ射线,两者都可以侦测到。

        41、So, the antiparticle of the normal electron is called the positron, as it has a positive charge, but the same mass as the electron. 这样,正常电子的反粒子叫做正(阳)电子,如同它有一个阳电荷一样,但是与电子的质量一样。

        42、Their energy is high enough to remove orbital electrons from atoms, thus giving rise to positively charged ions and negatively charged electrons. 它们的高能量可把其他原子内的电子撞出原子之外,产生带正电荷的离子及带负电荷的电子。

        43、By measuring both original unbalance response and excitation response, dynamic stiffness and damping coefficients of fluid bearings and rotor unbalances can be calculated. 通过测量转子的原始不平衡量响应和激励响应,计算出滑动轴承的刚度和阻尼系数及转子的不平衡量。

        44、Then the components between torque and magnetic field of stator winding current are decoupled which uses the rotor-field-oriented technology. 利用转子磁场定向的矢量控制技术,实现了异步电机定子电流的转矩分量和励磁分量的解耦。

        45、Influence ofd axis stator current reference on Hopf bifurcation was also discussed. 同时讨论了定子电流励磁分量给定信号对分岔条件的影响。

        46、One way to create such short bursts of gamma rays is through the collision -- and subsequent annihilation, as the mass of those particles converts into energy -- of an electron and a positron. 制造伽马射线短脉冲的一种方法,是电子与正电子的碰撞——之后的湮灭,使粒子的质量转化为能量。

        47、The interpreter must make their audience understand the real meaning, either through judicious choice of synonyms or by rewording a sentence, or at least through the appropriate tone of voice. 译员必须选择正确的同义词,改变句子的措辞,或至少使用恰当的语调来使听众明白发言人真正的意思。

        48、How troubling though -- this seems undeniable -- and how strange that Woolf really at her most radical is echoing the very words of the power that she's opposing! 多么让人不解--但这又是不可否认的--多么奇怪,伍尔夫在她最激进的言论中附和弥尔顿的字字句句,而弥尔顿的力量正是她所反对的!

        49、So a plus two ion means that we're removing two electrons from the atom and the electrons that we're going to remove are always going to be the highest energy electrons. 一个2价正离子,我们要移除的两个电子,我们要移除的两个电子,将会是,最高能量的电子。

        50、While the F0 is powered by the electric current of positive ions that flow across the cell membrane, the F1 runs on ATP, a high-energy molecule that is the ‘energy currency’ of living things. F0是由穿过细胞薄膜的正离子电流提供能量,而F1则靠ATP运转,这种高能量分子,是生物的“能量流”。


        51、Consider these two sentences:“It is raining” and “Il pleat.” 看一正这两句话:“It is raining”和“Il pleat”。

        52、Results The radiant intensity of ultraviolet B radiation was seasonal. 辐射强度与辐射粒子的能量、静质量、简并因子有关。

        53、The ion energy and the density of beam flux of cold cathode ion source were measured by pentagrid probing and Faraday cup. 采用五栅网离子能量测量装置和法拉第筒测量了宽束冷阴极离子源的离子能量和离子束流密度。

        54、In other words, it will project tracks back to common points of origin and thereby form a coherent set of data—energies, momenta , trajectories, and so on—for the particles produced by each event. 换句话说,它将把每次事件产生的粒子轨迹追溯回至原点,并形成一组能量、动量、轨迹等协调一致的数据。

        55、By the way, notice the comments asserting what invariant we expect to hold in the body of each if statement. 顺便注意一下断定每个 if 语句正文中希望保留的不变量的注释。

        56、Energy is quantized. Velocity is quantized. 能量被量子化,速度被量子化。

        57、The quartal features can be obtained by the canonical procedure of quantization. 量子特征可用正则量子化方式得到。

        58、The magazines were all Brissenden had said they were and more. 杂志正是布里森登所说的样子,甚至更为严重。

        59、Difficulties: Chinese students tend to get low scores on the writing section. Test-takers need to develop logical skills, a large vocabulary, and an understanding of sentence structures. 难点:中国学生往往在写作部分分数较低。考生需要提高他们的逻辑思维能力、词汇量和对句子结构的理解。

        60、The ground state energy and the binding energy of a bound polaron in Quantum-dot Quantum well structure are calculated, and the free polaron is also studied. 我们数值计算了量子点量子阱结构中的自由极化子和束缚极化子的基态能量以及基态结合能。

        61、We discovered that the concentration of energy in the nucleus of the atom is 2 million times as great as energy in the shell of an atom. 我们发现原子核中浓缩的能量是原子电子层能量的2百万倍。

        62、When atom is heated or absorbed electric energy, electron in atom gain energy and jump to a higher energy state which is called an excited state. 当原子受热或被电撃,原子中的电子因吸入能量,而进入能量较高能量的状态︰激发态。

        63、Because the goods will be transshipped, I hope each case will be marked with details of weights, symbols of warning and directions, as well as your own marks. 货物要转船,所以我希望哪个每个箱子能注上重量、警告性标志、指示性标志以及你们自己的标志。

        64、An electron-volt is the energy with which a one-volt battery can accelerate an electron. 一个电子伏的能量是一伏电池对电子加速所产生的能量。

        65、Everything is quantized. Energy is quantized. 所有一切都被量子化,能量被量子化。

        66、How troubling though -- this seems undeniable -- and how strange that Woolf really at her most radical is echoing the very words of the power that she's opposing! 多么让人不解--但这又是不可否认的--多么奇怪,伍尔夫在她最激进的言论中附和弥尔顿的字字句句,而弥尔顿的力量正是她所反对的!

        67、Apartments stand where Koguryo castles used to stand. 新的公寓正矗立在原来高句丽城堡所在之地。

        68、According to Time Magazine, 99 percent of the children in La Oroya have blood levels that exceed acceptable limits. 据时代杂志报道,当地99%的孩子血液中的(污染物)含量都超过了正常水平。

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