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        旅行的英语作文_travel 5篇

        • 作者: 用户投稿
        • 2022-08-14 00:33:11
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        导读: 关于”旅行“的英语作文模板5篇,旅行的英语作文_travel 5篇,作文题目:travel。以下是关于旅行的小升初英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

        旅行的英语作文_travel 5篇



        Travel is a good way to broaden people's horizons. Travel can relieve one's boredom and depression. Travelers can choose different modes of transportation, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

        Travel is a good way to broaden people's perspective. It enables you to contact different cultures, know people with different colors, and experience strange manners. You will not only enrich your knowledge and experience, but also realize that The vastness of nature, travel can also relieve people's boredom and melancholy.

        Travel brings you pleasure and attraction. It will dispel your boredom and boredom, let you forget those things that make you worry. Travel will open your mind and leave you good memories.

        You can review these memories and enjoy the past experience, so that you can keep a fresh and sunny in the study in the field Light mentality, nature is his book, travelers can choose different ways of transportation, these ways have advantages and disadvantages. Airplanes are the fastest and most expensive buses and trains. They are cheaper, but they will soon make you feel cramped and uncomfortable.

        Boats provide you with comfort, unless you are seasick. Most people can afford travelling bicycles. Although slow, they can make your muscles softer and bring you closer to nature.

        Contact enriches your knowledge and experience. Be aware of the vastness of nature, dispel your boredom and open your mind.





        Although not all of what the Bank of Japan said is wrong, the result is that Japan is still deeply deflationary and, despite the mild situation, the chance to resolve this impasse comes when Birch's five-year term as president ends in April next year, and Abe assumes victory, when he will have the right to elect the next president and two deputies, Masaaki shikawa yoshihihihihihihihihiko But the idea that the government set a mandatory inflation target is not very different from the central bank's orthodoxy - Sir Mervyn, governor of the Bank of England King has been held accountable for many years, and he has to write to past and present British prime ministers explaining that he has failed to meet the 10% inflation target (Yoshihiko Noda, chief economist of the Bank of Singapore, Sir Richard geram, chief economist of the Bank of Singapore, who spent several years in Tokyo, was frustrated by Japan's timid anti-dumping policy. I'm glad to find out He almost pinched himself by the neck, he said, and in the end they wanted someone who believed that monetary policy was the driver of inflation (Bank of Singapore) inflation is not a panacea, but it is a useful tonic. Imagine if Japan's economy did not weaken deflation, but inflation, for example, over the past few years, geram calculated that the nominal size of Japan's economy would be about% higher than it is now, which would make its debt to GDP ratio look more manageable.

        Tax revenues will also be higher and the yen is likely to weaken, boosting exports. Abes's proposal to call it Abel Trading - led to a fall in the yen and a rise in share prices.


        虽然日本央行所说的并非全部都是错误的,但结果是,日本仍深陷通货紧缩,尽管情况温和,但解决这一僵局的机会出现在白桦xx年的行长任期将于明年xx月结束时,假设获胜,届时将有权选出下一任行长和两名副手(Masaaki shikawa yoshihihiko Noda),现任首相称阿贝斯的提议荒谬,但设定强制性通胀目标的想法并没有与央行的正统观念大相径庭——英国央行行长默文•金爵士(Sir Mervyn King)多年来一直被问责,他不得不给过去和现在的英国首相写信,解释他未能达到百分之十的通胀目标(,新加坡银行首席经济学家理查德杰拉姆爵士,新加坡银行首席经济学家,曾在东京呆了几年,对日本过于胆小的反倾销政策感到沮丧,很高兴我发现自己几乎在掐自己的脖子,他说最后他们想找一个相信货币政策是通胀驱动力的人(新加坡银行)•(Richard Jerram 通货膨胀不是万能药,但它是一个有用的补药想象一下,如果日本经济没有削弱通货紧缩,而是通货膨胀,比如说,在过去几年里,杰拉姆计算出,日本经济名义上的规模将比现在高出约%,这将使其债务与国内生产总值(gdp)的比率看起来更易于管理。税收收入也将更高,日元很可能走弱,从而提振了出口。阿贝斯提议称之为安倍贸易——导致日元下跌,股价上涨。


        Volunteer service our belief in tourism exploration is that in order to make the world a better place, there is still a lot to do - no one can do anything, but each of us can do something we need to do, find something that can move us and put it into action - all the projects you see on our website are based on seeing the needs and putting them into action Travel is a new way to discover yourself and learn to know yourself more clearly. Volunteer service abroad is a way to spend time in another culture and become a part of a new community. In order to experience life from different angles, every community needs to travel People who are willing to volunteer their time should devote their energy and money to projects to improve the living conditions of the residents.

        No one needs to travel around the world to find a good and valuable career, and devote their efforts to volunteer service. It should be something we often do in our life, not just when we can take a month or two off, or when we have extra money When you spend time traveling, your actions are your voice in the world. Speak out loud and clear what you think is important, what you think is right, what you support.

        No matter what you choose to do after reading these websites, we encourage you to continue to explore your service choices, go deep into your own heart, and find out what you are doing.



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