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        英语的语法大全是哪些_What are the grammar 4篇

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        • 2022-06-15 12:30:37
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        导读: 关于”语法是哪些“的英语作文范文4篇,英语的语法大全是哪些_What are the grammar 4篇,作文题目:What are the grammar。以下是关于语法是哪些的四级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

        英语的语法大全是哪些_What are the grammar 4篇

        关于”语法是哪些“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:What are the grammar。以下是关于语法是哪些的四级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

        高分英语作文1:What are the grammar

        I've been writing letters in the garden for an hour, and we've been waiting for her for two hours when he calls: by next summer, in a few months, he'll be working here for 20 years, and shell's three-year study here should / will have +: I should have finished the year before lunch, and they will have achieved their goal by the end of October: it is said that he is jealous of her success, it is said that he is envious of her success Envious of her success hypothesis, believe, expect, fear, feel, know, assume, report, say, assume, understand, this is a hypothetical ship, a sunken ship should be sunken: Why are you driving so fast in this area, you should know the speed, know the speed limit: he was asked a lot of questions at a two-day press conference, and they allowed them to make the necessary preparations: she He was called elder sister, and then he was appointed monitor. He was considered to be very competent for the job. The room has been kept clean and tidy.

        The plane took off two hours late.




        Like self-awareness, it's hard to achieve, but I think these two factors may be the two most important factors in achieving happiness throughout the century. The largest amount of water is used for agricultural purposes, with a population of one million. Brazil's figures show how high the consumption of agricultural water is.

        When universities in some countries operate well, they need to provide both theoretical knowledge and professional training. Therefore, in general, I think it is good for most children to go to school from childhood. Parents should spend their time on their children, and they should also communicate with them.

        We can't ignore that education should not only let parents spend time on their children They are also advised to interact with them, and the importance of education must not be ignored.




        If someone did something, someone would never do something. If Hugh Miller worked all day in a quarry and spent the night resting and entertaining, he would never be a famous geologist. If someone did something, he would never do something.

        Edmund Stone, the famous mathematician, would never publish a mathematical dictionary and never find the key to mathematical science if he spent his spare time doing nothing. If someone did something, someone would never do something. Ferguson, a little Scottish boy, let his busy brain sleep while herding sheep on the hillside instead of calculating the location.

        If Google ignored the group discussion In terms of importance, this high-tech company will never achieve today's amazing success (if someone does something, he will never do anything) Google, once a obscure, sickly / vulnerable company, once ignored the importance of group discussion (someone will never do something, if someone does something), Google was once small and small If an obscure company ignores the importance of group discussion, then Google will never achieve today's amazing success, nor will it occupy such a large market share and reap today's overwhelming success.



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